Monday, November 23, 2015

When Worlds Collide (1951)

2012(2009) was not officially remake of When Worlds Collide but it took so much from that movie it could have been. Like War of the Worlds (2005) it changed focus point from scientists to real people living in the events of the story. When Worlds Collide tells about the people who build the space ships. 2012 told about the race to the space ships.

When Worlds Collide has much less last second escapes than 2012. It also has different reason for Earth's destruction. This time reason is rogue star and planet orbiting it coming too close to Earth. In 2012 space ships came back to Earth. In this they go to planet orbiting the rogue star.

When Worlds Collide is serious science fiction movie but if you know your science you will see some problems. 2012 had own problems with science but not with number of survivors cause genetic bottle neck which probably would kill the species if they would survive on alien planet without supplies.

When Worlds Collide follows attempt to build space ship to save mankind. Building is race against time and effects of approaching rogue star. Not everyone can be in ship. Some get selected and others will have lottery for the rest of the seats.

Movie misses opportunity here by having only male lead to thinking about seats and is he worth the seat. We will know he will be there because he is the male lead. Minor character having same thoughts would have worked better because we would have not been sure.

When Worlds Collide brings The War of the Worlds (1953) to mind. Both have same producer George Pal. This might be reason why movies have so much same themes and feel so similar. When Worlds Collide feel like first attempt and The War of the World the final product. When Worlds Collide is not a bad movie. It just is not as good as The War of the Worlds and feel bit too similar.

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