Thursday, December 10, 2015

Doctor Who Series 9 Episodes 1-8 (2015)

Finland is couple weeks behind rest of the world with Doctor Who. That is why I didn't review every episode like I did last year. Rest of the world got season finale last weekend. I thought this is good point to give my thoughts of episodes I have seen this far. I have not seen all episodes aired in Finland yet. First eight is good point because they contain four two episode stories.

Peter Capaldi is becoming my favorite Doctor. During his first season they tried to figure out his character. That could be reason why Clara had so important role. This season they found good balance between fun and darkness. If we get at least couple more as good seasons with this Doctor he will become my number one.

Season started with Davros and Daleks. Steven Moffat seems to want us to remember somethings and forget others. This was obvious with first two episodes. Daleks' have lost all continuity during Moffat's era. You better take all Dalek episodes like individual stories without connectivity. As such these episodes work. Missy was fun. I like to see more of her in similar role.

Mind games between Davros and Doctor were interesting until childish ending. This could have been classic Doctor Who story but in the end they didn't have balls to end it like it should have ended. Even with childish ending I liked it because what happened before was so interesting and well acted.

Ghost underwater story was the clever story of this season. Every season seem to have at least one. This time is was about bootstrap paradox. Second episode had interesting breaking the fourth wall scene. Otherwise both episodes were good Doctor Who.

You can count next two episodes as one story or two individual stories. First one showed why Doctor gave eternal life to Maisie Williams' character. Second part showed what eternal life did to her. Second part was quite dark which I liked. There are rumors Maisie Williams will be new companion after Clara. I would like that because her character reminds me of Fourth Doctor's companion Leela. She was one of best companions.

Zygon invasion story was about terrorism, refugees and 50th anniversary episode. It brought back one of my favorite recurring character Osgood. Zygon invasion showed how good science fiction can help us understanding current events by offering different point of view.

I will get to last four episodes later. That time I discuss more about Clara.

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