Thursday, December 24, 2015

Doctor Who Series 9 Episodes 9-12 (2015)

I reviewed first eight episodes here. I really liked them. Last four were little bit let down.

Episode Sleep No More was just terrible. Even the Doctor said something didn't make sense. Episode felt like Doctor Who template episode without anything interesting. Nothing worked and nothing made sense but it looked Doctor Who episode. We have seen this so many time so much better done. Better name would have been Watch No More. Now that I think about it we were urged not to watch the episode at the beginning. We should have done that.

Last three episodes made season finale. Each episode had different style but it all made continuing story. Each episode was worse than one before. Main problem was that everything became larger in scale and importance. Search for Gallifrey ended when Doctor just appeared there at end of second last episode. For two seasons he did nothing to find it and then he was there. Whole 50th Anniversary episode teasing was for nothing.

For first eight episodes Clara was like normal companion. Tenth episode gave her character good exit point but Moffat needs to make everything larger than life. So everything was blown out of porpotion just to bring Clara back. Things like this are reasons why I don't like her. She came from Matt Smith's era where everything was grand and fantastic. I hope next companion is more down to earth like current doctor is.

Face the Raven was best episode of last four episodes. How ever it is not on level of first eight episodes. Episode had interesting idea. It gave Clara good exit. I even though we need these episodes to make dangerous situations count after seeing the episode. But it was nullified later episodes. Biggest problem was this was part of season finale which went weirder as it progressed.

Heaven Sent  had interesting idea but it was not enough for whole episode. When idea is revealed episode felt interesting for a moment and soon you are back waiting for it to end to see what happens next.

Hell Bent made Doctor Who cosplayers' life much easier by letting Doctor play much less rare guitar. Red Epiphone SG with Bigsby is much easier to get that one he played earlier. Other good things are harder to find. Main story was bringing Clara back and everything else was thrown there without giving much thought if it made any sense. This episode messed the continuity really bad.

I don't remember how many times Doctor have visited at the end of the Universe and each time it is different. I hoped it was like in episode Listen but it was not to be. He met another larger than life character from this season. Like audience can't remember what happened in earlier seasons. Latest season is always more important than earlier seasons and everything has to be bigger than before.

Even though last episodes dropped the ball whole season was positive. Season finale had few good ideas but I can't discuss about them without totally spoiling the episodes.

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