Thursday, December 3, 2015

Jessica Jones (2015)

I am bit late to the party. I had idea of making video review but I am having break until I launch updated version of video reviews some time next year. I will get back to it when I have something to show. I watched the show almost one sitting. I had to pause to go to sleep during last episode but I watch it first thing when I woke up. How ever making review has taken some time.

Netflix has given best Marvel Cinematic Universe content this year. Daredevil was great earlier this year and Jessica Jones is even better. Ant-Man and Avengers were only ok movies. Netflix originals have more time to make connections and they are not as tightly connected to movies or other shows. They are also much darker than other Marvel Cinematic Universe content.

Jessica Jones is broken down alcoholic superhero. Villain with mind controlling powers broke her down and now he is back. I had my doubts of David Tennant playing the villain Kilgrave. He is my favorite Doctor and during his time in Doctor Who he didn't look like someone who could be villain. He made Kilgrave work, You felt sorry for Kilgrave at the times but you never confused him with good guy.

Kilgrave is in top three of Marvel Cinematic Universe's villains with Loki and Kingpin. These are only villains I can name and only ones which aren't one dimensional bad guys. Two of them from Netflix originals.

I didn't know anything about Jessica Jones when I started watching. After watching the show I learned about connections and characters. I think show worked better because I didn't know what to expect. There were interesting characters and twists which worked because I didn't know characters from comics.

If I need to complain something it is phasing. Show is pure gold during first ten episodes. After that it feels like they had to come up with something to fill all thirteen episodes. Killgrave story arc started from first episode. Starting it later would have kept it tighter. Ten episodes worked perfectly. First season made some ground work for second season and next Captain America movie. We saw one familiar face from Daredevil. Will we see Jessica Jones and Daredevil meeting next year?

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