Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Star Trek Beyond trailer review

I hoped third rebooted Star Trek movie would return closer to original material. JJ Abrams is not directing it. He turned it into Star Wars. New director has Fast & Furious background. He seem to have turned Star Trek into Fast & Furious in space. I like Star Wars and Fast & Furious but everything doesn't have to be the same.

Original Star Trek relied on good stories and science fiction concepts. Stories were interesting even without any action scenes. Reboot turned Star Trek into generic action scifi movie with story elements and designs from Star Trek. It forgot science fiction concepts. Movies would have been better other than Star Trek.

If I have to guess this is some kind of variant of Star Trek Insurrection story. They lose transport capability but not completely since Kirk can do. Motorbike doesn't make any sense in Star Trek concept. But this Fast & Furious in space and Fast & Furious needs motored vehicles.

I might like this if it wasn't Star Trek. I don't understand why remake had turn Star Trek something totally different. Fun action scifi movie are ok. Star Trek franchise was rare case of serious science fiction. There is not enough of that. There is more than enough of cgi action on current movies.

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