Monday, December 14, 2015

X-Men: Apocalypse trailer review

I didn't have time to do review for this Monday. So you get my thoughts of X-Men: Apocalypse trailer instead. I though doing same for Batman v Superman trailer earlier but I didn't have much to say about it and everyone else seems to be commenting it. I know X-Men better than Superman.

First promo pictures of Apocalypse made people compare him to Ivan Ooze. I talked about it on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers review. This trailer hides Apocalypse's face to extent it feels like a joke. Studio don't want to see comparisons any more. I think they will continue since Apocalypse still feels too much like Ivan Ooze.

I don't like his voice. He doesn't sound ancient nor powerful. Xavier has to say how powerful he is because he doesn't sound or look like powerful. He is more menacing in X-Men cartoons. Everything else seem to be right but voice ruins the character. He still looks bit like Ivan Ooze but I can believe Apocalypse could look like that. Another actor would have worked better on role. They can still save this by putting effort on sound design.

Second problem is we have seen all this before. First three X-Men movies are not part of current X-Men continuity but it doesn't mean we have forgotten them. Same director is doing new continuity and his style reminds us of old continuity which did similar things. You can do reboots but then you need to change the look and feel. Now Fox is trying to reboot with same look and feel.

This could be bigger problem than anyone expects. This movie gives us new Storm, Cyclops and Jean Grey.Sets look like from first three movies but characters are different and have nothing to do with old characters. Director gives same look and feel than old movies had. This is sixth X-Men movie and it feels too much like first three. At least based on the trailer.

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