Monday, January 25, 2016

Angels & Demons (2009)

What happened between The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons? The Da Vinci Code was good movie. Angels & Demons is barely average. Source material must have something to do with the matter. Feels like Angels & Demons tries to do same as The Da Vinci Code but better and more of it. This time it doesn't work.

This time we are in Vatican and Rome. Pope has died. Catholic church is selecting next pope when four top favorite cardinals are kidnapped. This requires Tom Hanks to come to rescue. He is only returning actor but director Ron Howard returns too. Angels & Demons look and feel like The Da Vinci Code but that is not enough.

I liked The Da Vinci Code because it was about solving the mystery. Action and violence was turned down. There was killer monk and graphic results of violence. Angels & Demons boost that. It is not violent action movie. Far from it. This time there is timer running. Whole movie feels like running but they seem to be able to do extra ordinarily many things in time they have.

Story is not as strong as in first movie. It feels like something similar to first one was thrown together and little science was added. The Da Vinci Code was about solving the mystery. Angels & Demons is about trying to figure where kidnapped cardinals are before they are killed. There is more than that but there are too many conveniences to make the story work.

It was hard to pinpoint why The Da Vinci Code worked. It is as hard to pinpoint why Anges & Demons doesn't work. Yes, it got science terribly wrong and I don't agree movie's view of science and religion. This wasn't why I didn't like the movie. I just didn't like it and I can't pinpoint why. Maybe it is combination of several problems..

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