Thursday, January 7, 2016

Deliver Us from Evil (2014) and Horsemen (2008)

I will review both movies in same post because it is impossible to write a post without totally spoiling either movie. Movies have some similarities and if best of both movies are combined we would have one great movie. Both movies tell about detectives who have escaped to their work. They don't spend enough time with their families. They get cases which make them realize this.

Deliver Us from Evil is "based on real events" supernatural movie where supernatural events are not only unrealistic things. Hero's partner fights bad guys with knifes. I am pretty sure in real life police don't feel like fighting fair when their life is in danger. They also take priest almost everywhere they go.

Deliver Us from Evil's case is about demonic possessions and exorcisms. Cinematography and sound design work really well. They give movie creepy atmosphere. Sets and acting worked also. Issues come from the story. There is lot of build up. Then there is one scene which feels much too long. After too long scene everything resolves. This leaves lot of plot holes open. It feels like movie ends at half way point of the story.

Horsemen is heavily influenced by Seven (1995) but it doesn't feel like copy. This story could have been spiritual sequel to Seven. It has enough of original story to feel own thing. Movie start with similar kind of serial killer but when story opens we see it is different kind of story. There are clever twists. It is hard to tell what was so great without spoiling the movie and taking away the effect of the twists.

There was nothing really bad. Everything else was just too average. If you took story from Horsemen and everything else from Deliver Us from Evil You could have great movie. Something similar to Seven. Now you have too average movies which are average for different reasons.

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