Monday, January 4, 2016

Left Behind (2014)

I don't usually review religious movies. I don't find subject interesting. Left Behind is different case. It is rapture movie. Millions of missing people make this some short of science fiction and apocalyptic movie. Harold Camping introduced concept of rapture to main stream when he gave away the date for the end of the world. Some Christians believe god will take all Christian to heaven just before end of the world.

Left Behind tells abut those left behind after the rapture. Movie follows airplane captain played by Nicolas Cage and his daughter. Cage is on flight to London and daughter on mall when rapture happens. Peoples just disappear and no-one knows what is going on.

For movie made by people who believe in rapture this gives quite bad picture of them and good picture of people who don't. Everyone think people who talk about rapture are crazy until rapture. After rapture they regret not listening. Movie's message is "We are right and you will regret not listening".

World should be survival of the fittest chaos after the rapture. But movie show people acting rationally to overcome disappearance of millions of people. Movie shows one robbery and one shot robber but everyone else acts rationally. World would probably return to normal order next day after disasters and accidents caused by disappearance of millions of people are dealt with.

Movie tells this beginning of the apocalypse but shows how people rationally over come this even. To underline how Harold Camping was crazy by setting the date movie ends with text how no-one knows the date. Movie tries to convince us everything else in the concept is not crazy.

Overall Left Behind is quite competently made low budget apocalyptic movie after the rapture happens. Before rapture believers are asked reasonable questions and people talk about religion and god. After the rapture religious talk is only about regret of not believing the Christians which is easier to endure and there is much less of it.

Should you check this? It depends on how much you like low budget apocalyptic movies and how well you can endure religious content. Without religious content this is quite competent low budget apocalyptic movie.

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