Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Haunted House (2013) and A Haunted House 2 (2014)

I watched 50 Shades of Black review. Reviewers hated it and said it was as bad as A Haunted House 2. It got me curious. I had not seen the movie. It was available for streaming. As was the first movie. I got great idea to watch both back to back. I wanted to see how far Marlon Wayans have fallen. Don't be a Menace to South Central while Drinking Your Juice in the Hood is one of my all time favorite spoof movies and first Scary Movie was ok.

I don't think movies deserve own posts. When watched back to back they almost feel like same movie. In three hours there are only two funny jokes. First movie has Marlon Wayans packing his stuff and leave when he realizes the house is haunted. Second movie Marlon Wayans' former and current girl friend meet. To get to these jokes you have to endure long sex scenes with dolls, juvenile sex jokes, fart humor and rapid fire of bad jokes.

When I did my spoof movie marathon movies had references to everywhere. These two have much less references. I have not seen movies these two reference. I assume first one reference only one movie and some cliches. Second probably references three movies. First one don't jump as much as second one does. Both are as boring. Neither way was better.

Both movies are pretty much waste of time. I can understand why people hate them if they saw them at theater. At home you can play some music. I don't usually do that but these movies didn't have soundtrack or sound design. There were some sounds during "scary" parts but other than that there was no sound except people talking and probably some foley sounds. Most of the jokes are characters doing something they wouldn't do serious in movies or acting stereo typically. Add extended sex scenes with dolls and extended violence against chicken and possessed girlfriend and you understand why people who saw these in theater hated them.

What has happened to Marlon Wayans? He wrote these movies. It is not that someone made him do these movies. He wrote everything he did in these movies. Even extended sex scenes with dolls.

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