Monday, February 15, 2016

Deadpool (2016)

Deadpool's marketing has been amazing since the "leaked" test video. I think it was not leaked just released to test reactions. Since then marketing campaign has been all over the place even portraying the movie as Valentine's Day movie. Which it actually is.

After the marketing campaign there was still little fear if they can still mess this up. They didn't. It was even better than I expected. One trailer felt like bar tender friend commented Deadpool's face too much. In movie that wasn't the case. Probably trailer had more comments than the movie and more importantly different comments.

In comics Deadpool is man who doesn't care and trash talks all the time. The movie is the same. It doesn't care. It makes jokes about Ryan Reynolds, Fox's X-Men reboot and movie's budget. Part of the fun is you don't know what will come out of Deadpool's mouth. You hear things you really don't expect to hear in Hollywood superhero movie. Deadpool is not your average superhero. The movie has the essence of Deadpool as well as it can be get in live action movie.

Jokes are offensive. Violence is brutal. I hope Deadpool teach studios they don't always need to aim for PG-13. Some movies need more violence and bad  language. PG-13 would have made this just another superhero movie. Being different makes it feel so fresh. There are so little rated R superhero movies any rated  R movie feels fresh. This is not only reason why Deadpool feel so good but it increases how good it feels.

Deadpool will end up on many top movies of 2016 lists. Deadpool is what superhero movies needed. It is doing so well some upcoming superhero movies may regret going for PG-13. Some superheros need rated R. I am looking at you Suicide Squad.

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