Monday, February 1, 2016

Seventh Son (2014)

Seventh Son got postponed several times. When it was finally released it got bad reviews but I don't remember it from any worst movies of the year lists. Like everyone forgot the movie next day. I didn't forgot. It reminded me of Iron Maiden's classic album and song Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. It was kind of weird when no review mentioned Iron Maiden. Maybe album was too old and reviewers don't like good music. This was written listening the album.

Seventh Son and Iron Maiden's song base on same ancient folk lore. Seventh son of a seventh son should have power to heal and second sight. Movie's Seventh Son only has second sight. He can see into future. If he had power to heal I missed it. He is son of a witch which gives him more powers to kill witches. This loose connection didn't make me got to see the movie in cinema. It made me remember it when it came available for streaming.

I don't understand all the hate movie had in reviews. It is not annoyingly bad. It does many things correctly. It looks quite good. It would have interesting story if it didn't throw dozens of characters which are there to die quickly. Those characters who get more time are not interesting. Jeff Bridges thinks he is in comedy when everyone else is doing serious fantasy action movie. That was unsettling. Even more because Jeff Bridges was the best character.

Story itself is quite basic fantasy movie story. Old master and his new apprentice must fight against evil witch and her forces. Movie's biggest sin was to be forgettable. I started writing this right after the movie and I have hard time remembering  what happened and in which order. I only remember Jeff Bridges. Alicia Vikander was great in Ex Machina. In Seventh Son she is female lead and I have hard time remembering what she was like.

Seventh Son is average and forgettable. It is not as bad as reviews said. If you are into fantasy action movies you might like it. It has few interesting story elements but that doesn't take it far.

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