Monday, February 29, 2016

Sharknado 3 (2015)

First Sharknado was stupid but entertaining. Second time they increased everything and movie became more of celebrity cameo show than actual movie. Third time they don't even try to make entertaining movie. It is just what ideas they could throw into mix and even more celebrity cameos. Best part is shark eating Chris Jericho's ass. Lou Ferrigno's cameo was totally wasted by editing it badly.

I didn't expect to be bored during movie called Sharknado. Few times I just started to do something else because movie was so uninteresting. Movie never makes you care. It is just running from one scene to another. Scenes jump from one to another without anything connecting them together. Scenes are what movie makers thought was cool and where they wanted to go.

Characters just come and go. All cameos make acting really uneven in movie where there is no good acting. Nobody expect good acting from Sharknado movies. Some characters are just painfully bad because celebrities only wanted to be in movie not act well. Some just are in front of camera. No-one cared. Why should we care?

From get go we learn nothing will make sense and there are no rules. Sharks fly in corridors and get to safest bunker of White House. Now there is bigger sharkando than before. It needs David Hasselhoff, going to space and lightsaber like chainsaw. Everything is taken as far as possible. This makes movie so boring. You don't care because you know anything can happen and our heroes will survive. They act cool not like they would if they didn't know they they will survive anything.

There will fourth Sharknado movie. I just can see what they can do next time. This time they went to space. This didn't care about anything. There were too many celebrity cameos. They destroyed White House. How they could take things even further? I am not looking forward to it but I will probably watch it.

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