Monday, February 22, 2016

Tag / Riaru onigokko (2015)

I made my best movies of 2015 list before seeing Riaru onigokko. Ex Machina stays as my favorite movie of 2015. Riaru onigokko will drop everyone else one position. When I tried to get the movie on blu ray I could not find anything I could buy. Same goes for soundtrack. I would buy both if I could find them. At least I saw the movie.

Riaru onigokko tells about teenage school girl who is in all girl school. Her class goes to trip when mysterious force cuts upper half of the bus killing every one but the girl. Mysterious force hunts the girl cutting other teens half around her. After a while she runs into her class mates who are like nothing has happened. This starts weird and gory story.

I don't want to get into story any deeper. I don't like to spoil the movie. Everything makes sense in the end even though until major reveals story feels like total mess. It is same time weird, gory, cute, beautiful and bit sad. Asian movies can combine these elements. Western movies have more difficulties combining them.

Riaru onigokko is probably too weird and gory for general western audience. Those who can handle that get great mystery movie. I almost dropped genre name but that would be spoiling. Like Audition (1999) this works better if you don't know what to expect. Just don't check tags of this post.

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