Monday, February 8, 2016

The Deaths of Ian Stone (2007)

I like original stories. I wanted to like The Deaths of Ian Stone. It starts as interesting mystery but when everything is revealed it doesn't live up to promise of the first half. Story stays original but at least in this case chase is better than the catch.

Movie tells story of Ian Stone who dies every day and wakes up in different life next day. He sees same people but they are different than in previous life. In first life he is college ice hockey star. He is ripped of game winning goal which upsets him. Later that night he is killed which probably upsets him even more.

Next day he wakes up as office worker who sees someone dying. For some reason he remembers his life as college ice hockey star but no one else remember it and pictures have someone else as ice hockey star. He learns someone is after him and after few days and deaths he finds out what this all is about.

Plot is revealed bit by bit. It is interesting until you start to see where the movie is going. It feels like movie runs out of own ideas during last half. To underline this few characters look like cheap matrix rip-offs in early David Fincher movie. Story is not from Matrix. Only few designs are.

The Deaths of Ian Stone does many things correctly. It has potential but it loses the momentum by the end. I wish it was better because this original movies are too rare. It is worth checking if you are into mysteries.

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