Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Batman V Superman and Justice League

I didn't plan to write about this but I woke up with idea of what upcoming Justice League will be and I read this article about Batman V Superman's box office performance. This will contain some spoilers to Batman V Superman. I don't recommend seeing it but if you are going to see it anyway this will spoil one major plot twist and talk about dream sequences. Justice League prediction are based on what Batman V Superman showed us and many reviews and articles about the movie. Can't give credit where credit is due since I didn't plan this post and didn't save links. Most of it is my own prediction based of what I have read and seen.

Let's start with box office performance. News told how well movie did opening weekend but that is not all that matters. You had movie with three of DC's biggest superheroes and two of which are biggest superheroes even outside DC. You will get people to see it in first screenings even if the movie is bad one. It is more about interest of the characters and marketing. After premier movie's quality has something to do. It seems like drop between Friday and Sunday tells something about quality of Batman V Superman.

I wonder how global numbers are calculated. Movie premiered in Finland on Wednesday. I saw it on Thursday. Are those calculated towards global Friday performance. We had bank holiday on Friday so Thursday should have been quite equal Friday. Theater was quite empty then. Maybe it was word of mouth from Wednesday. Probably only us who had bought tickets earlier were in theater.

Batman V Superman spent much time to build up for upcoming Justice League movie. Too much and they may have told us too much. Even when they cut this from the movie.

I assume this was meant to be after Doomsday fight and it was replaced with prison scene because audience had to be hit in the head with fact that Darkseid will be villain of Justice League movie. Justice League movie is scheduled to be released next year. It is pretty clear they have the story set at this point. Question is did Batman see the future or were his dreams what he expected Superman to be.

I assume here he saw the future because it makes sense. Superman died in Batman V Superman. Rebirth was "hinted". In Batman's nightmares Superman was working with Darkseid's minions and Superman troops. This is probably what we will see in Justice League. Superman will reborn as something else or Darkseid gets hold of him. Superman and Darkseid are villains of Justice League movie.

Batman and Wonder Woman will form Justice League with others we briefly saw in Batman V Superman. In Batman V Superman Flash tells Batman Lois Lane is the key and Batman was right all along. This mean Batman knows Superman is good inside because their mothers have same name. Others don't believe him. They have seen Superman being with Darkseid and destroying Metropolis in Man of Steel.

Justice League movie is divided into two parts. First part will contain formation of Justice League and Darkseid's and Superman's attack on Earth. First part will end with Lois Lane speaking Superman from being evil. At this point Darkseid has practically won. Converting Superman will give Justice League first glimpse of hope. Converting Superman will end first part with positive note and hints fans will see Justice League they want in next movie.

If DC and Warner Bros don't stop the train here we will see November 2017 how correct I was. Maybe earlier since trailers tend to show us too much.

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