Monday, March 21, 2016

Daredevil - Season 2 (2016)

Daredevil and Jessica Jones were best Marvel Cinematic Universe had to offer last year. They gave us darker and smaller scale view to Marvel Cinematic Universe. Daredevil's second season takes everything even further with Punisher and Elektra. Both kill in comics like it is nothing and both kill in this Netflix Original like it is nothing.

First season basically told one story from two point of views. One side it was Matt becoming Daredevil and other side it was Kingpin's rise and fall. This time it is two separate stories which happen to happen at same time. Punisher has own story arc and Elektra has own and story arcs are not really connected to each others. There are couple overlaps but both stories run on their own.

Punisher story gets first episodes. When Punisher story gets to next phase Elektra appears and characters get connected to one story or the other. Daredevil has part in both but others are in one or the other. This made following the stories easier. You knew what story arc was going on when you saw who was in screen.

Story continues where first season ended. At times I expected similar reset at the end but this season ends with kind of cliffhangers. It leave everyone at different place where they were at the start. First season was introduction. Second might have started longer story arch. It is not clear what since so many things were left open. There were some connections to Jessica Jones. Rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe didn't have connections I could pick.

Second season of Daredevil is more of the same without doing the same thing again. My biggest issue was with cgi blood which looked terrible. I didn't understand why they had to use it so much. There were few minor issues but over all everything worked. Daredevil is probably best Marvel Cinematic Universe has to offer this year. Luke Cage will have his own Netflix Original later this year which could be as good. Movie haven't been as good lately.

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