Monday, March 14, 2016

Robocop (2014)

Has remake of classic movie ever got good response from the audience? I can think few good remakes but you can argue if original was classic. Robocop certainly is classic. When you make remake of classic movie you can only lose. Even if your movie is good it can't live up to original which has inspired fans for ages.

Robocop remake is not a good movie but it didn't deserve hate it got. Fans of original will hate when they feel their beloved movie is ruined. Movie is average science fiction movie. It has Samuel L Jackson, Gary Oldman and Michael Keaton. Even they can't lift this above average. Without them this would be worse.

Remake follows original loosely. Most important beats are still there. This time they don't erase Alex Murphy's mind. Robocop is Alex Murphy. They erase his parts of his humanity only when they had no other choice or thinking other choice would have meant more work. Gary Oldman's character should have doubts on what they are doing but he erases pieces of Murphy's humanity without thinking too much. Other characters are even more one dimensional.

There is almost no character development. In original Peter Weller made Robocop human. This time Murphy doesn't feel human even before he becomes Robocop. This time humanity is only few seconds more reaction time compared to robots and something which make Robocop malfunctioning.

Movie has few good ideas but it doesn't use them like they didn't know what they got. Movie looked good and professional  but it lacked any soul. Murphy and Gary Oldman's character needed more character development. Now they just change when story requires. There is no internal struggle. They just change.

All this makes Robocop remake forgettable. There is nothing memorable. Few lines from the original feel out of place in remake.

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