Monday, April 4, 2016

Justice League: War (2014)

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was big teaser for Justice League movie and I am going to review Legends of Tomorrow after I have seen all the episodes. I thought I try to fill this gap with superhero movie reviews.

Batman V Superman made Justice League hot for a while. Justice League tells animated version of Justice League's origins. New 52 version to be exact. What is New 52 you might ask. New 52 is DC comics' reboot of every comic they released in 2011. Every title was cancelled and New 52 titles were launched. Almost everything started from zero and some characters got reimagined. In a way DC could tell same stories again  but I get more into that next week. If this wasn't confusing enough, DC will have rebirth event which will change everything again. There are reasons why I don't read comics that much.

New 52 needed DC's top group to get together which affects the story. All there characters are new versions of themselves and don't know each other. Before this there was nothing and suddenly world was full of superpowered people and aliens. Might feel odd when you know characters' histories. You should forget all that because this is New 52 and everything is new.

This time Justice League is formed when different superheroes fight against Darkseid's parademons on their own and end up same place when Darkseid attacks Earth. Addition to this movie also contains Cyborg's origin story which is quite close what we saw in Batman V Superman. Darkseid will be villain of upcoming live action Justice League movie. It might be quite close to this.

Justice League: War reminded how annoying Flash and Green Lantern can be together. Otherwise movie is quite entertaining. It is darker and more violent than you might expect from animated movies but then again so are most new DC's animated movies. There is no big deep story arc. It is just characters getting together and fighting villains.

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