Monday, April 25, 2016

LEGO: Justice League vs Bizarro League & Justice League - Attack of the Legion of Doom (2015)

I know I am not in the target audience for these Lego movies. I won't complain how stupid and childish characters are. These were meant for little kids. Most important thing is to have good message and keep kids interested. So there is nothing deep in story. These don't have to be stupid but this time they are.

Movies are part of bigger continuity. Bizarro League teases with Attack of the Legion of Doom and Attack of the Legion of Doom teases with next movie. That is where the continuity ended. I watched these in wrong order and thought they had nothing to do with each others until I saw next movie tease at end of Bizarro League.

It was easy mistake to make. Movies had different version of Justice League. Bizarro League had some extra members and different Green Lantern than Attack of the Legion of Doom. I don't mean different voice actor. I mean different Green Lantern. Yes, there are more than one Green Lanterns. Difference was never explained. Like no kid would ever wonder why team has changed.

For adult audience these movies have very little to give. Animal hospital scene in Attack of the Legion of Doom had couple nice jokes but that was it. Target audience probably like these more. One more thing. Flash and Green Lantern are annoying together no matter the format or target audience. They should make live action Justice League movie less dark. That doesn't mean they make them better. Characters chemistry has not worked anywhere when they are made comical characters.

About reviewing superhero stuff until Legends of Tomorrow's last episode thing. I didn't know how long the season is when I promised to do it. I would have to go from bottom of the barrel to find something to review. Like this wasn't from there. I will something completely different next week. I will review Legends of Tomorrow after I have seen it. Until that review I will review something else.

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