Monday, May 23, 2016

About superhero movie fatigue and movie going experience

Last Thursday's post was a joke but it holds some truth. I am starting to feel superhero movie fatigue. This year we have already had Deadpool, Batman V Superman and Captain America: Civil War. Addition to that we have superhero tv shows and Netflix originals. Some of which are on my queue waiting for me to feel like watching them.

Some of them are good and some not so good. When movies come so close to each other watching them start to feel like work. I just can't get excited of every cgi heavy action movie where someone wants to destroy the world because he is evil. Previous X-Men movies haven't fallen into this but this time villain is Apocalypse and trailers I have seen show him as evil who wants to destroy everything.

I just don't want to see another movie with long cgi destruction ending. Best superhero movies this year have toned down destruction. X-Men: Apocalypse seem to go all out on cgi destruction. I am X-Men guy. My favorite comics were X-Men.

I got fatigue with X-Men comics when things went overly complicated and action was more important than the story. During Chris Claremont's run there were issues where there was no action. Those issues made his run so good. Best superhero movies and tv shows concentrate on characters and stories. Worst concentrate on action. When best also have action you don't care ones that are marketed as concentrating only on action. And you can't be sure which one it is before you see it.

Superhero movie fatigue is not only reason why is skipped X-Men: Apocalypse premiere weekend. I checked length and price. Let's start with price. I don't know if this is only local issue. If I want to see movie during premier weekend I have to pay as much as I have to pay few months later get my own copy of the movie which I can watch as many times as I want. It is not a lot of money but you start to think why you should pay now and pay later if you want to watch movie again.

You are paying for movie going experience and for seeing it earlier. When you think about movie going experience big screen and good sound system come first to mind. But some of us have those at home. Movie going experience also includes half hour of commercials and trailers.

Trailers can spoil movies you want to see and you don't know what you will see. Commercials may be boring or take you out of the mood. Worst was with Deadpool where we saw long heartbreaking commercial of real life disease that can ruin your life. Just what you want to see when you go watch Deadpool. You don't have to deal with this when you watch the movie at home.

X-Men: Apocalypse is almost two and half hours long. First you have sit through half hour of commercials and trailers. Then you get to two and half hour movie. If movie is bad you ave wasted three hours plus the time it takes it to get to your seat and back. What happened to time when one and half hours were considered as good length for movie.

With one and half hour bad movie you only lose one and half hours if you watch it at home. I am reconsidering if I will review movies as they premiere. I though it would make my blog and channel more popular but I have not seen the difference. I am not sure if it is worth all the problem.

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