Monday, May 2, 2016

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

When you write these far in advance you might not remember when movies are released. So this week's review is about superhero movie. There will be video review next Thursday. Something else will have to wait until next week.

Marvel Studios still make good movies. Lately they have made only ok movies. Age of Ultron showed signs Marvel could do wrong. There was too much stuffed into one movie. It referenced older movies and tv shows and there was too much build up for upcoming movies. Marvel learned from Age of Ultron. Unlike Age of Ultron Civil War takes elements of comic with same name.

Captain America: Civil War continue where Age of Ultron ended. Some people are not happy all the destruction we have seen in previous movies and beginning of this one. Avengers are wanted under official control. This divides Avengers into Team Captain America and Team Iron Man. This is not as big deal as Superhuman Registration Act in comics. This is where Bucky and Captain America story comes into play.

Marketing has made the movie feel like Avengers 2.5. Movie is Captain America movie with Avengers involved in secondary story arc. Main story arc is Captain America's and Bucky's story continuing from Winter Solder. This was original story for this movie. It is similar to what we saw in Winter Solder. Civil War story was added when Warner announced Batman V Superman team up. Marvel wanted their own team up.

You can see these two story arcs but they work well together, Bucky's story arc being main story arc. Batman V Superman showed what happen when movie makers don't understand the characters. Captain America: Civil War understands the characters and their history in comics. It feels Civil War shows how this is done correctly. Civil War is not as good as reviews say it is. Compared to Batman V Superman it is masterpiece. Coming so soon after Batman V Superman makes Civil War look better than it is.

I would put Civil War right after first Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. It is on level with Winter Solder. It is good and entertaining movie. It begins serious and dark. Then at some point it turns to action blockbuster with constant run of jokes. Jokes work but contrast to serious main story arc is on the limit of being too great. Civil War arc has few stupid elements which would be ok if main story arc wasn't as serious. Spider-Man is best Spider-Man we have seen in big screen but is bit out of the place in this movie. He steal all scenes he is in. If his solo movie works as well we could have best superhero movie so far.

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