Thursday, May 19, 2016

I won't review X-Men: Apocalypse... week

It seem to be big thing to announce not reviewing a movie. I want to jump into the bandwagon. I won't review X-Men: Apocalypse next week. I will review it week after next or week after that. I just have other things to do during weekend and didn't feel like paying premiere prices and fitting two and half hours of sitting in the movie theater to otherwise tight schedule.

I am not making a stand on this one. There is another franchise with which I will make a stand this year. Wise man said you should not mention things you make a stand against at this day and age because it promotes the thing you are against of. So I just say I am going to see Star Wars movie but I am not going to see the movie from another franchise which starts with word Star. If they get back to what made franchise good in first place I am happy to praise them. This year's movie is not that.

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