Monday, May 30, 2016

Legends of Tomorrow (2016)

In age of Netflix and other streaming services it feels odd to follow series which has new episode every week. I watched Legends of Tomorrow in three session. Every session to point where there were no new episodes available. I binge watched Daredevil's season 2 between first and second session. It made Legends of Tomorrow feel really stupid.

I am more of a Marvel guy but I have tried to get into DC from time to time. I don't feel I have to hate the other if I like one. My attempts with DC usually end when I realize how childishly characters act with each others. They are always fighting each others. I mean good guys who should work together fight each others when there is no bad guys fight against.

Legends of Tomorrow have same problem during first half of the first season. Legends should be team but they rarely work like team. Guys leave the team mates on their own devices when ever they feel like. Team's bad boys steal things because they need to steal something to be bad guys. They have big mission but everyone is ready to do something which endangers the whole mission just because they feel like it.

Arthur Darvill is rogue time master who wants to stop immortal villain. He and legends travel in time trying to stop the villain in different times. He is first Doctor Who regular who plays good guy in superhero series or movie. Christopher Eggleston was main villain in second Thor movie. David Tennant was Purple Man in Jessica Jones and Karen Gillan was Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Time masters are some kind of time cops. They want to keep time unchanging. Arthur Darvill's character is like The Doctor without any humor and dislike of weapons. I always wait him to say time lords instead of time masters. You can find similarities between time lords and time masters. Show is bit like very serious and more violent Doctor Who in DC Universe.

16 episodes long season felt too long. There were too many filler episodes which felt like they only wanted to show characters from other shows. Writer didn't always know when they had good idea in their hands. Instead of using good idea they used something predictable and what we have seen several times before.

Season finale is spread over four episodes. You can guess what happens in each episode when you know how many episodes there are still left and see what they are currently doing. The big twist don't feel anything when you know it has to happen to spread story over rest of the episodes.

Legends of Tomorrow have one moral debate episode over should they kill a kid who will become future Hitler. However there is much more interesting moral debate over the twist. They don't study that at all. The twist is X is on Y's side. You can see that coming from long way but reason why X is on Y's side is very interesting. I wish they used the reason more. Later seasons probably get back to the reason. It felt really odd when character didn't react the reason at all. It brought much more interesting moral debate than should they kill a kid or not.

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