Monday, June 27, 2016

Paradox (2016)

Paradox is one of my favorite movies of this year. I can't put it, Deadpool and Civil War into order. You probably have not heard about it. It is okay since it is low budget straight to dvd/streaming/what ever movie.

Paradox is all about bootstrap paradox. Bootstrap paradox is when Terminator comes in first movie to 1980's and in sequels we learn terminator technology is based on the terminator which traveled back in time in first movie. So question is where the terminator technology came from? Paradox knows it is about this paradox and take all out of it.

Movie begins like bad low budget science fiction movie. I thought it will be really painful to watch. Everything change when one of the team goes one hour into future and sees everyone dead and facility set to self destruct. He comes back with video shot by one of them which shows what will happen to them. Before this movie was bad acting and annoying characters. After this it gets really clever.

I go little bit into spoilers from here on but I try not to spoil too much. When team member gets back everyone know there is someone killing them and they will be dead. Nobody knows who the killer is. It could be one of them. This would be interesting premise but Paradox doesn't settle with it. There is another person who nobody knows who he is. These is disc with future stock exchange data and someone has used the disc in future. That someone had similar time machine than team had. So one of the team can be the rich person from the future.

Team members are not sure if they are the rich person from the future. They know the disc they have could make them him. Killer may or may not be the rich person from the future. I don't want to spoil more than this. Things will get very interesting and movie takes everything out of bootstrap paradox. Everything makes sense from some point of view but you are left wondering why things actually went as they went and did they have change to do things otherwise.

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