Monday, June 20, 2016

Synchronicity (2015)

I want to like Synchronicity more than I do. It has vision and lot of good ideas. But something is missing and characters are not interesting enough. They don't act consistently. Sometimes what they do makes no sense. Movie starts with scifi nonsense jargon then nonsense goes to characters actions.

Synchronicity aims for 80's science fiction look and feel. Everything reminds me of many 80's science fiction movies. Everything is really dark. Only some cgi reminds this is not from 80's. 80's feel goes bit too far since this feels too much like less than average 80's science fiction movie.

I don't know it is acting or something else. I just don't care about characters. Nonsensical actions could be one reason. Movie tries to be larger than life love story with some 12 Monkeys and Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind tones. It doesn't work when I don't care enough of the main character.

Story is interesting and as it goes on it reveals many layers. This is time travelling movie where we see what happens from different perspectives. Story has some weirdness it didn't need and I still don't fully understand who love interest really was. She had too many contradicting characteristics. I like movies where you have to think what is really going on but you need some sort of conclusion what everything was. Movie doesn't have to tell what it actually was but story has to make sense from some point of view. Synchronicity doesn't do it. It seems to go that way but never gets there.

Synchronicity serves best as 80's nostalgia trip when you want to see something which looks and feels 80's low budget science fiction. I really hoped it worked better. There should be more science fiction movies without violence or action. This was one of them. Lack of violence and action wasn't the problem. Problems were elsewhere.

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