Monday, June 6, 2016

X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

I wasn't too eager to see this in theater. I can't say I am glad I saw it. It is not disaster like Batman V Superman was. Neither it is a good movie like Deadpool or Captain America: Civil War. It is just uninteresting mess. It makes joke how third movie is always the worst. They probably thought about Last Stand but this is third movie of rebooted X-Men trilogy.

I don't like Apocalypse from comics. He is one of those unstoppable villains who fight heroes because of reasons. You could say he is X-Men version of Thanos or Darkseid. He is not looking for death of all life like those characters. He just want to destroy the weak. First images started Ivan Ooze comparisons. Those weren't so far off.

Movie Apocalypse is too cartoonish. He always talks how he will destroy everything. He want to rule everyone but for some reason he wants to destroy everything before he rules everyone. His four horsemen are Angel, Psylocke, Storm and Magneto. Angel and Psylocke carry their clothes and fight. Storm does little more but not much. Almost all they do is stupid poses. It is hard to take the team seriously when all they do is cartoonish evil poses and leader is cartoonish villain.

Magneto doesn't fit at all to Apocalypse and his horsemen. Magneto has dark and emotional story arc which includes death of his new family. Magneto and Xavier have same philosophical debate they have had in all movies. This time they are have the debate when cartoonish villain stands next to them talking how he will destroy every building and rule the survivors.

First Class and Days of Future Past were good movies. Apocalypse is not. It is entertaining if you like bad movies. Ones where nothing makes sense. I enjoy those but this is X-Men who have good comics and movies. At least I didn't hate it. Hating requires caring. I just couldn't care. Movie has few good scenes. Most of it is stupid but almost ok. I wonder what they do next time. This time they almost destroyed the Earth and telepathically communicated with everyone. It is hard to top that.

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