Monday, July 4, 2016

Advantageous (2015)

You don't understand how important good score is until you see movie which lacks one. Advantageous is one of those movies. It screamed for good score on some scenes. I am not sure why some scenes didn't have any score. Was it stylistic choice? Didn't they have good enough score? It is weird to watch a movie and think what kind of score this scene needed.

Movie was slow. It didn't have much dialog. It tried to be emotional but it didn't have score to boost those emotions. We just saw what happened. Almost like every really important scene didn't have any score. This made Advantageous hard to watch. With better score it could have been one of the best science fiction movies of this decade. Everything else worked. Only score was lacking.

Advantageous is science fiction movie written by women, directed by woman and aimed to women. I wish to see more of these. It is refreshing to see something different. Movie tells about older career woman in world which appreciates youth and good looks. She has hard time finding new job after she was laid off to make room for younger woman. She is in trouble because she wants to give her daughter best education possible.

I can't relate to most of the movie's themes. Like I said this was aimed for women. But it had enough of good science fiction to keep me interested. After big twist was revealed movie became much more interesting. With good score to give the movie a flow and amplify the emotions this could have become one of my favorite science fiction movies. Movie is bit dream like. It needed score which amplified that.

Advantageous is worth watching. Everything except the score works. It is well directed and cleverly written.

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