Monday, July 11, 2016

John Wick (2014)

I don't think Keanu Reeves is great actor. I don't even like his acting that much. But he has been in movies I like. John Wick had potential to become one. I have heard good things about it and it will get sequel. Seeing it after Only God Forgives I am not sure what all the hype is about. Both movies are highly visual with minimal dialog and story. Only God Forgives has more to give.

John Wick is not bad movie. I have just seen this done better before. Maybe not exactly like this but this takes elements from other movies where things were done better. Movie would have worked better about 20 minutes shorter. Last 20 minutes concluded story arcs which didn't need it. There were few cool moments but most of last 20 minutes was unnecessary. Main story arc ends about 25 minutes to go. Second story arc starts there. We didn't need to see that in this movie. It could have been in sequel or forgotten totally.

Story is pretty simple. John Wick was superior hit man. He got away to live with his wife. After wife dies gangster's son steals his car and kills his dog. John start to hunt the son. You pretty much know where this goes from here. Only thing movie offers is good looks and execution like kills by John Wick. There are no interesting characters or story development. It is just John Wick hunting the son and meeting other hit men.

Movie is cool and good looking. Hit men has strange sense of honor and rules which gives them shade of character but nothing more. Everyone is cool. It is their only character trait. If you are looking more than cool and good looking action movie you will be disappointed. This has been done better with more dimensions before by other movies.


  1. The only idiot who thinks this movie is nothing much. You're the only one. Everybody else thinks this movie is beyond great,totally fresh, something you never seen before from an action movie, because the story line, the execution of every scene, the long shot and wide angle, stunts and actions, music, are all beautiful and amazing. Me, a non-moive watching person, love this movie beyond words could say because it's just super great. I don't know how you watch movie. Stop being a reviewer. You really suck big time.

    1. Your comment would hold more weight if it wasn't anonymous. Different people have different opinions. Life is easier when you accept it. Maybe I have seen different movies and like different thing than you. I don't hate the movie. I bought movie's soundtrack. I might have liked it more I didn't watch right after Only God Forgives.

      I felt Only God Forgives did this thing better. You should watch more non-Hollywood movies if you liked John Wick. You might find out same thing has been done elsewhere earlier and sometimes better.