Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Why I don't like Wonder Woman Comic-Con Trailer

Warner Bros released Justice League and Wonder Woman trailers during Comic-Con. I don't have much to say about Justice League trailer. It didn't get me excited or made me dislike it. I could pick somethings I liked and didn't like but I am not into that. Wonder Woman trailer got different reaction.

I don't like idea of it being in First World War. It feels too much Warner Bros want to make their version of Peggy Carter and first Captain America movie. Superhero with a shield fighting in world war and woman seeing how women were oppressed at the time. Marvel made both work. Even if Wonder Woman can make it work it is doing same thing again.

First Captain America movie was set in Second World War. It is easier to set adventure movie to Second World War since it is more of battle of good versus evil than senseless slaughter in no man's land. First World War taught the world war is not a heroic adventure. First World War was industrial slaughter of solders by people who had inherited their positions.

Warner Bros are making superhero adventure set into war which showed the world war is not heroic adventure any more. All because this was hinted in Batman V Superman. We understand why Wonder Woman went hiding after First World War. We don't need to see it in two hour movie. We don't want horrors of First World War in our superhero movies. Which is reason why they probably have to water then down and have feel good elements. Which waters down the point of the movie.

I really don't get why this has to be set to First World War. All the jokes from the trailer would work in modern day setting. This could have been fun superhero action movie if it wasn't set during one of the most senseless slaughters in human history. Captain America didn't visit concentration camps. They didn't feel like showing the worst humanity has to offer. Wonder Woman movie has to show that for some reason. Wonder Woman walking into no man's land don't feel heroic. It feels sad and disgraceful to those who died there.

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