Monday, August 1, 2016

Penny Dreadful (2014-2016)

Sometimes I wonder why something good becomes popular and something better doesn't come as popular. Game of Thrones is everywhere. Almost everyone seems to be a fan. I can understand why it is popular. How ever I found number of characters too much. It is hard to follow story arcs when show jumps to another when one starts to get interesting. This gives many characters to choose favorite from but make following the series feel like work.

To me Penny Dreadful is everything I liked about Game of Thrones without things I didn't like. I like 1890's Gothic dawn of industrialization better than might and magic setting with epic battles. There are less characters. World is bad place but Penny Dreadful doesn't go overboard showing it.

Penny Dreadful is three season 27 episode long fantasy horror series. It has public domain characters from 1890's along with original characters. It follows explorer Malcolm Murray, fortune teller Vanessa Ives and their team as they fight against supernatural foes. Each season has own villain but they are connected to series long arc.

Penny Dreadful is term for 19th century cheap sensational topic fiction. Series is poetic and beautiful. Some story elements are pretty weird like from cheap quickly written fiction. Series is well written. Characters have real story arcs. They are not clearly good or evil except some of the villains. There are no good characters. Everyone has their dark sides.

I liked first season most. It was most compact and shortest. Later seasons felt they had to top previous seasons.They introduced elements which felt they were invented after previous seasons. Main story arcs were good even with their flaws. Shorter character related arcs worked better. Best moments had nothing to do with main story arcs.

Penny Dreadful was announced to end after three seasons. There is petition to save the series. I can see how they could continue after third season finale. I can also see why they shouldn't do it. Series concluded main story arc but left some minor story arcs open. I am not sure if closing open story arcs would be enough after what happened in finale.

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