Monday, August 22, 2016

Silver Hawk (2004)

I wanted to review something fun for a change. Silver Hawk didn't disappoint. It is like Moore era Bond movie with Bond replaced by female kung fu version of Batman. It takes inspiration from everywhere. It is stupid. It uses almost all superhero clichés. But it is fun and that is most important.

Michelle Yeoh plays vigilante Silver Hawk who is famous model by day. Male lead is her childhood friend from kung fu school they were in. He wants to capture Silver Hawk. Silver Hawk got involved into evil plan when man who tried to hit on her is kidnapped. Evil plan involves villain from fighting games, Bond villain level evil lair, 60's Batman style henchmen and and lot of kung fu fighting.

If I have to complain about something fighting scenes are not as good as I expect from Asian kung fu movie. I remember Michelle Yeoh being better in fighting scenes. Probably fighting was toned down for movies lighthearted feel.

Silver Hawk is fun stupid action movie. It doesn't try to be anything else. If you want lighthearted action movie and like kung fu movies it is good choice.

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