Monday, August 8, 2016

Suicide Squad (2016)

If video is not shown you can watch it here.

You should check video above if you want my spoiler free review. I will go into spoilers in this one.

I don't get why Suicide Squad has so low score in Rotten Tomatoes. It is not masterpiece but it is not Batman V Superman like disaster. Do critics have something against DC superhero movies? I can understand hate against Batman V Superman. Suicide Squad has flaws but it is not as bad. Maybe it suffers being released after really bad movies.

Suicide Squad suffers from common DCEU problems. It is super dark and serious. It shows guards abusing their power and Suicide Squad members being like animals. Most of the time movie wants to be most depressing movie ever. Some jokes were added during reshoots. Some delivered super seriously, some feel later additions. Who wants to have fun superhero action movie?

I couldn't go into my main issue on spoiler free review. Main villain is Enchantress. I don't know her from comics. I have no idea what she could do. Here she was god like creature who built machine capable to destroy the Earth. Movie put mostly street level guys and normal humans to fight against her. She went from her god mode to street level mode when she fought Suicide Squad.

What was the deal with her heart? First it was told you could control her with her heart. When Enchantress turned evil the heart didn't matter anymore until the end when she was killed by destroying her heart. Probably brother had something to do with it. Enchantress didn't need Suicide Squad angle and she didn't need to be this strong as villain. Her god mode was just stupid. I guess only reason for it was it needed less cgi. Written differently Enchantress could have been good villain. She has few moments but that is not enough.

Amanda Waller was good character except in couple scenes in which she is like different person. In first she shoots everyone who worked for her in secure room. Why? Didn't she look tough enough before. She told others didn't have security clearance. Why would you have anyone without security clearance working in top secret project. Were they to be killer at the end of work day anyway?

Another was mid-credits scene where Waller was scared. She wasn't scared during the movie in much worse situations. She shouldn't have been scared with Bruce Wayne. She was almost always in control. She should have been in control in that scene too.

These were the biggest issues. There are others too. There are two scenes back to back which are almost the same scene. Waller is selling Suicide Squad idea to others in both. These should have been combined into one. They only have different location, different group of people and little bit different information. There is one scene where Deadshot should hit Rick Flag but he tells him he will help him. Suicide Squad escaping Flag plot was forgotten completely. As was Harley Quinn's disabled bomb. Batman looked creep when he kissed passed out Harley Quinn.

Even with all this issues it is still best DC movie since Dark Knight. Tells how many good DC movies we have had since Dark Knight. I have talked about issues movie has. It has some good too. Amanda Waller and Deadshot were good characters. Joker and Harley Quinn were ok. I like the premise. Movie used it properly few times. Enchantress was good when she wasn't in her god mode.

Suicide Squad ends up being average movie with potential to be much better. It is best movie in current line of DC superhero movies by far. I want to see sequel but done right. This got many things right but suffered same problems current DC movies have.

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