Monday, September 19, 2016

ARQ (2016)

ARQ is new Netflix original movie. I am not sure how much I can tell about it without spoiling it too much. It is build upon one interesting idea. If you tell the idea you spoil few of the twists. If you don't tell it you have very little to tell. I try to write this post without telling the idea.

ARQ is Groundhog Day in future dystopia. Most science fiction series have this kind of episodes if time travel can fit into their world. ARQ how ever have a little twist in this story. I think it relies too much into this twist. To be honest the idea is better than the movie. I thought to myself wouldn't it be cool if they did this and then they did it.

There are moment when movie feels dull and moments when it is interesting. My biggest issue is they didn't introduce main characters at all before they started the story. Story starts from the first scene and characters are introduced during several twists and time loops. By doing it this way nobody becomes interesting. Ten minutes of introduction for main couple before starting the story would have helped make us care about them. Story could have had every twist it had. Probably movie feels better second time when we know the main couple.

ARQ is clever science fiction movie with good soundtrack. I wanted to like it more. It had so good idea but it doesn't tell enough about the characters or the world they live in. But still it is short clever science fiction movie worth watching.

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