Monday, September 26, 2016

Mr. Robot season 1 (2015)

I watched Mr. Robot in three sessions. First was four episodes other two three episodes. After first session series felt one of the best series at the moment. After second session it felt they tried too hard and things happened too fast. After last session I wanted to see where this is going from here.

Mr. Robot is one of those things you don't want to spoil but you have little to tell if you don't spoil. It is not as good as first four episodes. Whole first season could have been like first four episodes. Second season could have been what next three episodes and third season what last three episode were. I felt last episode's events needed more build up. It is hard to see where this is going on second season. I surely will check it when it comes available for streaming here.

Mr. Robot tells about security engineer by day hacker by night Elliot and people around him. He meets mysterious Mr. Robot and his hacker group Fsociety. Series have good characters and character arcs. They should have been given more time. Most things happen too fast and we get too big twists too soon. I would have liked to spend more time with these characters and give story more time.

I liked soundtrack and cinematography. Name and phasing could have been better. I wouldn't have watched it if I didn't see so many praises everywhere. Mr. Robot does many things right. Its only bad thing is it gives to much of a good thing too soon.

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