Monday, September 12, 2016

Roboshark (2015)

You might have heard of Sharknado. It got sequel and another sequel and third sequel. It told about tornado full of sharks. Every sequel got crazier. Roboshark tries to take its part of the hype. It tells about shark who ate alien ship and became roboshark. There really is nothing more in the origin story. Alien ship crashes into sea and shark eats it.

This is even more stupid and has lower budget than Sharknado. First half hour is painfully stupid. Almost everything from acting to camera movement tells this is really bad movie. Shark becomes roboshark. It destroys submarine and goes to Seattle. Reporter mother tries to become respectable reporter. She happens to be there when roboshark attacks. Her channel gives the story to other reporter.

Movie is really painful at this point. Characters are boosted stereotypes. Cgi is really bad. Shark swims inside ground. But then something happens. Daughter joins the mother. Movie doesn't get any less stupid. It just goes from painfully stupid to funny stupid. There are still few painfully stupid moments but most of the stupidity is fun. Main change is characters stop being serious.

We get to see Bill Gates like millionaire who does what ever he likes and nobody even tries to stop him. Roboshark following the daughter on Twitter. References from THX 1138 to Wrath of Khan. Internet trolls being internet trolls. Crazy military guy wanting to kill roboshark any way he can because it destroyed his old submarine.

If first half hour wasn't so bad in unfunny way Roboshark would be better than Sharknado movies. Even the first one. As it is it only better than sequels. It is must see for Sharknado and bad movie fans. They knew they were making bad movie but it still works. First half hour don't work because of seriousness. When they let seriousness go almost everything starts to work.

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