Monday, October 10, 2016

Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon (2008)

With some movies you know they will be bad but you are curious to see how bad they could be. Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon is one of those movies. It was in scifi section but it is more adventure movie with horror elements. It is not so bad it is good. It is just boring and stupid. I write this to warn you not to waste your time with it.

It tells about scientists/treasure hunters who search signs of Egyptians from Grand Canyon and find lost Aztec city with their ancient god. I won't go into how bad effects were. They were bad but they weren't the problem. Writing, acting, dialog, story and cinematography over all were. Can't say nothing about score because I am not sure if there was music. I don't remember.

I watched it fifteen minutes ago and I have hard time remembering what happened. Story just went back and forth. It was supposed to be horror movie where group dies one by one but after few deaths they stop dying. Movie teases they died but after few moments we see they didn't die after all. I don't mean they should have died but when their deaths and sacrifices were teased many times you lose your interest.

I think everyone's but Shannen Doherty's characters death was teased. Some characters' deaths were teased more than once. I can't remember who survived. Worst thing was when one guy stayed behind to let them escape and they gave montage of his and Shannen Doherty's character's love story, which was non-existent and guy was back with them few minutes later.

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