Monday, October 3, 2016

Luke Cage (2016)

Luke Cage is third Marvel superhero getting own Netflix Original series. He was introduced during Jessica Jones. Like others Luke Cage is dark and grim series. I had my doubts before watching the series. How they could make series about man with bullet proof skin fighting against normal people interesting?

I watched series in two sessions. I ended first at middle of seventh episode. After first session I liked the series but it felt too much like black version of Daredevil with exception Cottonmouth wasn't as interesting as Kingpin. I started to see pattern. Series was good but felt too much like Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

Then there was big twist. This is spoiler free review so I won't go into it. After it Luke Cage didn't feel like others. It got its own story and felt more interesting than before. Bullet proof skin wasn't problem. Series had ways to make it interesting even when hero's life wasn't in danger for the most of the series. However I doubt they can make second season as interesting.

If I have to nitpick there were couple twists which were destroyed because they were so obvious that you just had to wait them to happen. Story went couple too many times back and worth and felt we saw same things happening too many times. It wasn't too big problem. Maybe shorter series would have helped to keep the story tighter.

If you liked Daredevil and Jessica Jones you will like Luke Cage. It is same quality but little bit different tone. Next year we will see if Marvel and Netflix can do this fourth time when Iron Fist is released. It was teased at the end of this series.

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