Monday, November 14, 2016

Constantine (2005)

Constantine is another guilty pleasure of mine. I learned I shouldn't watch my guilty pleasures for reviews. I see all the flaws and they don't feel as good as when watched less analytically. Constantine is based on Hellblazer comics. I know there is comic named Hellblazer but nothing more. I can't say how faithful this is to comic or does Constantine ever take his helmet off. Sometimes movie adaptions work better when you don't know how much better source material is.

Movie tells about exorcist John Constantine and plot to bring devil's son to Earth. Earth is playground of half-angels and half-demons. God and devil have bet which one gets more souls. Constantine is going to hell because he committed suicide. He died only for couple minutes and got back to life but that counts as suicide in this movie. He can't go to heaven because he can't have faith. He knows so he can't believe. I liked this idea of you can't believe if you know.

I wonder if Keanu Reeves acts the same guy in every movie or do I only watch his movie where he is the same guy. He seems to have very limited range. I enjoy many of his movies but he is not the reason. I always feel someone else would have done better job but at least he doesn't ruin the movies.

When watched without thinking too much and not knowing the source material this is entertaining dark pseudo christian fantasy. If you start to think too much you see the flaws and inconsistencies. I recommend not thinking too much.

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