Monday, November 28, 2016

The Last Witch Hunter (2015)

I was interested about The Last Witch Hunter when I first heard about it. After that I haven't heard about it that much. After seeing the movie I understand why. There is not much to remember. I never got invested. It felt like movie expected to know everything from get go and like Vin Diesel's character before we knew anything about him.

I usually like Vin Diesel but this time I can't get behind his character. He is immortal witch hunter. Movie's plot resolves around secret related to his immortality. Even when he loses immortality he doesn't seem to get hurt. But biggest problem is we never quite know what he or the bad guys are capable of. We just watch what happens to know what they can do. Couple things had some build up but both times the thing was important on first time when we didn't know what it was.

Ending had little build up for sequel but I doubt this will ever get one. Even after this movie we don't know these characters. We know almost nothing of the world either. They just made stuff up as they went. Probably they didn't even have any idea what the organization Vin Diesel worked for was.

In one scene Vin Diesel explains how things work now to Michael Caine who has worked with him last fifty years. He probably knew how things worked since his predecessor knew. He had been on retirement for couple days at that point. Maybe Michael Caine needed to be reminded how things work. His words and his plan didn't make any sense when you know he knew the secret behind Vin Diesel's immortality.

Movie had couple interesting ideas but it was so badly written all the good ideas were buried by all the nonsense. Few more rewrites and overall darker tone would have done this good movie. Now I had problems staying focused. Even during the ending I didn't care and had to force myself to focus on what is happening. Story was boring and all the lens flares and other digital effects started to get annoying.

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