Friday, December 30, 2016

Passengers (2016)

I go into spoilers in this review. If you want my spoiler free thoughts you can find them here.

I liked Passengers. It is not the greatest movie. It had potential to be better. It just didn't want to go where it should have gone. There were few moment if they went to different direction this would have been great movie. It is too predictable. Trailer and ads give too much away. I would have liked the movie more if I knew nothing about it.

Like good science fiction this make people react differently from which angle they see it. The big thing is Chris Pratt wakes Jennifer Lawrence up after he has been waked up alone for over a year. How you react to this defines how you see the movie. Some seem to hate Chris Pratt is shown redeemable. Chris Pratt was shown as too likeable. He should have been creepier but I kind of understand why he did it.

Passengers is quite hard science fiction. Chris Pratt was miscast. They used too much of his charisma and made him dance. Someone less charismatic should have been in his role. There were few changes to make this darker and better. They chose to make this predictable.

Passengers have potential but it doesn't rise up to level of Moon, Ex Machina or Solaris which are doing similar thing. There are no major flaws. Movie just doesn't dare to go far enough. It is not action movie. Casting and trailers portray it having more action than it actually has. Most of the time it is one or two people spending time on empty space ship.

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