Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Rogue One: a Star Wars Story (2016)

I will get in spoilers in this review. If you want my spoiler free you can find them here.

Rogue One is fan service after fan service and almost nothing more than that. I gave this movie a change. I even put my Star Wars shirt on. I didn't expect much and I get what I expected. Force Awakens was remake of New Hope. This is prequel to New Hope. So far new Star Wars movies have given us images we liked in the Original Trilogy.

Movie lost me when it started by showing flashes on different planets where different characters dropped names of other characters I knew nothing about. Something happened and we saw different planets of Star Wars universe and saw various characters which can be sold as toys. I just didn't understand what was point of it until movie started to follow characters more. By that time I had lost interest.

You forgive many things if you are invested into story and characters. I wasn't with Rogue One. I knew what I should have felt. I just didn't feel it. When there was CGI shot of space ships I thought ship in front has different light source than ships in background. When Jedha was destroyed I wondered why destruction spread so slowly and why everything related to destruction happened so slowly.

When we saw Darth Vader first time I wonder why he would hang around in lava planet after he was burned so badly on one earlier. It looked like it was his home. When he attacked rebels during final battle I wondered why he was at the front of the attack. Was he tired during New Hope when he let stormtroopers do the dirty work?

When they were in Scarif stealing the plans I wondered why Empire would store important data into hard disks which you need to get and attach to something to get to the data. When you want to transport that data you have to go outside to put the hard disk into satellite dish then walk narrow bridge to satellite dish controller which is high above the ground on top of nothing. When Empire stops rebels sending data they destroy whole data storage facility instead of turning off or destroying the satellite dish. Probably there was no easy way to turn off the dish.

By destroying the facility they lost huge amounts of data which probably isn't stored anywhere else. When rebels got the data they stored it into one disc which they had to get into safety. Star Wars universe isn't very good at storing and transporting data even after they got it wirelessly.

I would have forgiven this if I was invested. Ending was spoiled 1977. There are only two interesting characters. Donnie Yen's character and the robot. Both are in supporting roles. Jyn Erso is just boring. She is supposed to be female Han Solo who grows to join the rebels and become leader. Her inspirational dialog didn't feel right coming out of mouth of someone who had not shown any interest to rebellion before.

Cassian Andor was just unlikeable creep even when he made choice to stand up for something. Yes, he is another Han Solo character. Main bad guy was just generic ambitious bad guy. I felt they got Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin wrong. Saw Gerrera felt too much like General Grievous. His death scene was just him giving up.

Rogue One is not one of top three Star Wars movie. People lost their minds when the saw stormtroopers, tie fighters, AT-ATs, star destroyers and other familiar things from original trilogy. Rogue One offers only little more than eye candy for fans of original trilogy. It will be forgotten by the time we get next Star Wars movie which again is one of the best movies of all time for a short while until people see what it actually is.

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