Monday, December 12, 2016

Spectral (2016)

Some Netflix Originals are really good like Stranger Things and all their Marvel series. Some are not so good. Some are interesting but lack something. Spectral is not so good. Really good stuff seems to be limited to series. I have yet to see really good Netflix Original movie. Arq had potential but something was missing.

Spectral is science fiction action horror movie which offers nothing but science fiction action horror movie. There are no interesting characters. Message is when you use science to create weapons something could go wrong. Movie looks good but that is not enough. Movie adds too many characters only to be killed off in seconds when action starts.

Main problem is nothing important happens. There are no character arcs. Characters don't grow during the story and we don't learn anything about them after their introduction. Movie goes from scene to scene. When heroes have problems scientist invents something or someone comes to help them. There are no twists at all. Story just follows heroes going from one place to another. There was one unexpected event which was only unexpected because you don't normally see that. It just didn't have weight it should have had. Characters reacted to it for few seconds and then forgot it ever happened.

I wish they put more effort into story. With few changes it could have been interesting. Now Spectral is just another science fiction action horror movie. Good looking but nothing more than average.

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