Monday, December 19, 2016

Wynonna Earp - Season 1 (2016)

I'll be honest. I didn't like Wynonna Earp after first few episodes. There was something interesting but overall things didn't click. Maybe I expected something else. Then something happened and I started to like the series more and more. Wynonna Earp is hard to put into any category. When you think you have figured it out next episode throws something else for you to process.

Wynonna Earp is Wyatt Earp's descendant and part of Earp's curse. Every generation of Wyatt Earp's descendants have to fight demons who are imprisoned in small town of Purgatory. They have Wyatt Earp's gun which sends demons back to hell. Wynonna is little bit Jessica Jones like character who tried to run from her destiny. She get help from her siblings, black ops agent Dolls and immortal Doc Holiday.

Series is bit too uneven. Characters range from forced dialog and even more forced acting Doc Holiday to almost normal people. Most characters are more or less boosted stereotypes. At first boosted stereotypes took me off but then I started to like them. Even Doc Holiday. Another character I started to like during the season was Wynonna's sister Waverly. She probably had most of character arc of all the characters.

You shouldn't expect anything realistic like I did. This is modern supernatural western with punk girl as main character and biker gang like demons as villains with supernatural horror characters visiting every now and then. It might be too different for mainstream audience. I just hope it will have enough audience to last many seasons.

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