Monday, January 23, 2017

Death Race (2008)

Death Race is very loosely based on Roger Corman movie Death Race 2000. This time racers are prisoners racing on closed track. Two things remaining same are racer named Frankenstein and they are racing cars. Almost everything else has changed. Original was really dark comedy. This one is dark and gritty action movie. I am not sure can this be called science fiction. At least it is borderline science fiction.

For profit prisons have pay-per-view events where prisoners fight to the death. One such event is death race. Fan favorite racer called Frankenstein dies during race. Prison warden frames old race car rider for murder of his wife and talks him to take the role of Frankenstein.

I was surprised how good the movie was. I thought it would be another one of those random action movies. It had potential to be science fiction classic but it is not. Most of the movie works really well but then they go over the top or add Fast & Furious bling bling. Death Race would be exciting enough on itself but they had to introduce armed truck killing racers. It made no sense. Why would they want kill their racers. To make it even more stupid it gave better options for the guy they didn't want to win. There are also few obvious inconsistencies and scenes which make little sense.

Death Race is ultra violent and gritty. Story is something we have seen in other similar media critical science fiction movies like Gamer, Running Man and so on. Without few flaws this could have been classic. Now this is entertaining and interesting ride.

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