Monday, January 9, 2017

Machete Kills (2013)

I don't remember much about Machete. I remember it was enjoyable but forgettable. Machete Kills is forgettable but not enjoyable. It is weird to think same guy, Robert Rodriquez, directed this and Desperado. It's like he made this bad on purpose. Desperado, From Dusk till Dawn and others have shown he can make cool action movies.

Machete Kills was meant to be second movie in Machete trilogy. Meant because we have not seen the third movie Machete Kills in Space. Machete Kills in Space is bit overdue by now. Machete was released on 2010 so third movie was due 2016 if they wanted to keep the schedule.

First Machete was based on fake grind house trailer. Like I said I don't remember much about it. This movie has fake trailer for Machete Kills in Space. It is better than Machete Kills. The joke worked better in trailer form.

There is little to tell about the movie. It is just series of scenes where actors try to be cool. Movie has many actors who have been cool in other movies but this movie just doesn't work. It is series of would it be cool is ideas which aren't cool when you see them with this delivery. This might have worked better with practical effects. Terrible cgi was real turn off. There is only little to turn you on. Actor have been better in other movies. Most of the time you feel you have seen this done better in other movies.

I am curious to see Machete Kills in Space if it ever gets made. It is probably same joke done third time when second time was already too much. But I am still curious to see it. Movie had one good thing. It reminded me how good Desperado was and made me want to watch it again.

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