Monday, February 27, 2017

Crimson Peak (2015)

I can understand why people like Crimson Peak. I understand where all the praise comes from. I can't deny cinematographic values of the movie. But I found it rather boring. I want good story and that is the part where Crimson Peak is lacking. I am not fan of period pieces and I probably wasn't the target audience.

First part was 19th century upper class period piece. I endured it because I had heard all the praise and I wanted to see what it all was about. When they get to Crimson Peak I started to get into the movie. It was still slow but I liked the visuals and sets. I wanted to see where this is going to because it wasn't clear. Big reveal was let down. I was expecting something more.

If I remember correctly this was marketed as horror movie. This is more mystery than horror. Movie kind of knew it. There is book with ghosts in it but author says it is not a ghost story, just story with ghosts in it. Crimson Peak is not horror movie. It is a movie with horror elements in it.

My main issue was with protagonist. She was just drifting from one scene to another. I didn't understand why she didn't think something was wrong when her new husband took her to broken sinking house. She was introduced as progressive woman. Then she just drifts to Crimson Peak just because Tom Hiddleston said some nice things to her.

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