Monday, February 6, 2017

Piranha 3D (2010) & 3DD (2012)

I think I can review these movies in same post. Piranha 3D is creature horror comedy of piranhas hitting spring break beach party. Piranha 3DD is sequel which feels more like bad parody. Piranha 3D is one of better creature horror movies. These movies can rarely be called good. I wouldn't call Piranha 3D but it is better ones of the genre.

Underground earthquake let prehistoric piranhas escape their underground lake. Lake has spring break party at the same time. Movie mixes spring break party insanity to more realistic characters trying to figure out why some people are missing and what earthquake did to the lake. Spring break part is there to show how sinful the students were. So we could feel they deserved what happened to them. Movie actually have few intelligent ideas.

Piranha 3DD happens near different lake. Spring break party needs new venue. Too bad owner of new venue gets his water from underground lake. This time we don't have realistic characters or anything realistic at all. It feels like they didn't even try. 3DD is to 3D what Scary Movie sequels are to Scream. Piranha 3DD is bad parody of the whole genre. Movie is only 70 minutes long. Last 10+ minutes are bloopers and random scenes.

Piranha 3D is worth of your time if you like the gende. It is real movie. You really have to like the genre or bad movies to enjoy Piranha 3DD. They made sequel with little effort to get money from fans of first movie.

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