Monday, March 20, 2017

Ragnarok (2013)

Ragnarok is Norwegian action adventure. If you are familiar with Hollywood action adventures you probably feel action part missing. In many ways it is like Jurassic Park in viking mythology. It takes some elements from Jurassic Park movies including kids hanging with adults when they go to dangerous places.

When I started to watch the movie I expected to see regular horror movie with lot of deaths and gore. It has some horror elements but cast is too small to have many death scenes. When your realize what this is you pretty much can see what is happening to every character during the movie. At least if this is not your first horror/adventure movie. But it doesn't matter because movie is so well made.

Ragnarok is another good Norwegian horror movie. Another is Død snø aka Dead Snow (2009). It is refreshing to see good horror movies from outside Hollywood. Recommended if you can watch non-English movies and like horror movies and/or Jurassic Park.

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