Monday, March 13, 2017

The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

There was I time when I had all Phil K. Dick movie adaptions on dvd. This included famous movies like Blade Runner and Total Recall but also less known movies like Screamers. I wanted all of them because Phil K. Dick stories had interesting and original concepts. Since that there have been several other Phil K. Dick movie adaptions and I have not kept track of them. Maybe I should. The Adjustment Bureau is Phil K. Dick movie adaption.

In good Phil K. Dick fashion everything is not what it looks like. Part of the fun is to figure out what is really going on. Which is why I won't tell much about the story. The Adjustment Bureau is much like Eternal Sunshine of Spotless mind. Main theme is romance where both want to be with each other but something goes wrong. Both are romantic movies with twist.

The Adjustment Bureau is not as good as Eternal Sunshine of Spotless mind. It is good choice if you want to watch something similar. Same goes for Phil K. Dick movie adaptions. There are better ones but this is good choice if you don't want to watch better ones for some reason but want to watch one.

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